Making The Most Of Your Active Rain Profile

Active Rain is the largest and most active social networking site for real-estate professionals. As such, it’s a perfect place to begin refining your online efforts. Use the tips below to maximize your profile or, if all else fails, grab some ideas from the nearly 200,000 profiles currently registered.

Start Blogging: Whether or not you already have a blog, Active Rain’s blogging tools are a great way to broaden your audience. If you’re already blogging, consider re-posting your blog posts on Active Rain or write supplementary information with a link back to the original post. If nothing else, the search-engine benefits alone make it worth while. Also spend some time reading through other posts on the site and offer a comment or some friendly encouragement. Like any social-media network, it’s about relationships. The more relationships you form, the more likely they lead to a potential referral partner or client.

Link Active Rain to Your Online Accounts: Having an online network is all but useless unless you keep your profiles fresh and full of content. So, wherever possible, link your social-media sites. Connect your Active Rain account to your Facebook page, or any other accounts you have. Having your profiles automatically updated will save you time and provide even more exposure for your business and services.

Take Advantage of Your Profile: On Active Rain, the more complete your profile, the more points you receive. The more points you receive, the more visible you are when people search for agents in your area. In other words, take some time and add a bio, testimonials, work experience, and any other pertinent background information to your profile. Use anchor text to link back to your business website, blog, or anything else you’d like to share.

Learn From Observation: If you get discouraged, scroll through Active Rain’s success stories for inspiration. Click through and see how other Realtors are using their Active Rain profiles. Steal an idea or two and apply it to your page. If it worked for them, there’s no reason it can’t work for you too.

Josh Millar / The Ibis Network /

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6 Responses to “Making The Most Of Your Active Rain Profile”

  1. Thanks, Josh,
    Helping each other improve business is what will further the recession recovery.

  2. Great, great — please tell me how to add the links — FB, Twitter, Digg and others to my ActiveRain blog? The technology of it all is sometimes very difficult for me. Keep posting.
    Anne in Austin

  3. Hi Josh,
    Thank you for the great tips and ideas on working our Active Rain profiles and Blog’s. Together we all acheive more for our seller’s and buyer’s in this most unique market.

  4. […] social-media tips from The Ibis Network here, here, here, here, and […]

  5. I have been blogging both on my business blog and my Active Rain Blog linking back to my website – I throw in a squeeze page or 2. Sometimes the two blogs content are different because I’m trying to reach different audiences. But Active Rain is a great way to network with agents all over the US.

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