Blogging For Business: How To Attract And Keep An Audience

Chances are, you’ve heard all about the benefits of keeping a business blog. You likely wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking to start a blog or build upon an already existing blog. So let’s get right to it. Here are a few tips, thoughts, and ideas that should help you attract readers, and potential business, to your blog …

Think of Your Blog as Your Own TV Station: Like radio and television before it, the Internet is a means of communication. But unlike TV and radio, the Internet allows for equal and inexpensive access. Which means, setting up a blog allows you to broadcast your services, knowledge, and expertise to a larger audience than you ever could through traditional advertising, and at little to no cost. Keep it interesting, though. A radio station that only ran commercials wouldn’t attract much of an audience. Write for your target audience and offer quality content on a consistent basis.

Keep It Short: Coming up with content on a regular basis can be a struggle. Luckily, online readers tend to have shorter attention spans. After all, as quickly as they clicked on your site, they can click on another. That means, you don’t have to write 10,000 words per post. Posting short, easily digested information will encourage your viewers to spend more time reading your blog.

Syndicate Your Content: Once you’ve started producing content, spread it around. One of the many benefits of using social media for business is how easy it is to multiply your views by posting your content on multiple sites. Twitter and Facebook, for example, make it very easy to automate the process and quickly expand your influence online.

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4 Responses to “Blogging For Business: How To Attract And Keep An Audience”

  1. This is a sharply written post. I think too many small business owners who are using a blog to market forget about or don’t know how to syndicate their content. Facebook has a notes option or now a blog option that can pull posts from your blog and for twitter you can use the twitter tools plugin. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Ok I’m all for blogging, I get it, but what I don’t get is how do you attract an audience for a specific area. I work in Northwest Houston and I don’t think my blog would be of interest to a reader in Washington unless they have family in my area or are going to move here. Help me understand.

    • Thanks for the comment. Once you’ve targeted an audience, reaching them takes a little self-promotion. Consistent content will attract search-engine attention over time but a quick way to get your blog seen by the people you’d like is to send it directly to them through social-networking sites. Why wait for them to find you?

      Link your blog to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and then follow groups in your area or industry. Not only will your updates reach exactly the people you’ve targeted, having your information in multiple locations online will increase your visibility in search-engine results.

  3. […] more business blogging tips from The Ibis Network, click here, here and […]

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