Twitter: 8 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Tweets

You’d think it would be easy to catch the attention of a few of Twitter’s 54 million monthly visitors with nothing more than a few informative tweets. But being one among Twitter’s 175 million users means you’re likely getting lost in the chatter and not reaching the audience you’d hoped for. Luckily, while Twitter was growing in popularity, so were the number of websites aiming to help you get the most out of the wildly popular micro-blogging service.

Here are a few of the more popular, and mostly free options, to maximize your presence in the Twitterverse …

Twitter-Search: The quickest way to find who and what you’re looking for on Twitter. Filter real-time tweets to find people and businesses in your region and industry, then follow the results.

Nearby Tweets: See who’s tweeting what in your area. The simple set-up delivers search results based on a keyword and a location. Search for anything anywhere and see who’s tweeting what near you.

TwitPic: Feeling limited by Twitter’s 140 character maximum? Use TwitPic to share photos with your Twitter followers. If you have a Twitter account, then you’re already signed up for TwitPic. Log in using your Twitter username and password and get started.

TweetStats: Track your stats using this site’s quick-and-easy service.

TweetScan: Another easy-to-use search tool for keeping on top of what’s happening on Twitter.

CoTweet: A popular site for managing your Twitter accounts. Handy for tracking multiple accounts and keeping current with your followers.

Twibs: A Twitter-based business directory, Twibs aims to help businesses reach their customers. It’s as simple as registering your business name, choosing some keywords, and adding links to your email, blog, and website.

Twitdom: A directory of nearly 2,000 available applications and sites offering Twitter-related services.

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  2. […] tips from The Ibis Network here, here, here, here, and here, and […]

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