5 Ways To Grow Your Mailing List For Real-Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Finding ways to keep in touch with potential referral partners and prospective clients is one thing. That means offering interesting information that will ensure your emails don’t become unwelcome inbox clutter soon after reaching their destination. But, before you have the chance to dazzle the members of your mailing list with a monthly newsletter, new listings, or neighborhood events, you’ll need to have a mailing list in the first place.

Here are some ideas for growing a mailing list that will boost your business and your reputation …

Use a Newsletter: If you have a newsletter that you forward among colleagues, partners, and prospective clients, include some instructions on how to subscribe to your mailing list along with it. It doesn’t need to be long and involved, just add a sentence explaining how to subscribe for anyone getting your newsletter for the first time.

Use Your Emails: Any correspondence can be an opportunity to add to your list. Including subscription information in your emails along with your signature means you can build your list each and every time you send an email. Again, it need be nothing more than a quick note asking them to respond to an email address to opt in.

Use Open Houses Or Other Events: If you’ve set up an open house, or any event where you’ll have a gathering of potentially interested attendees, ask for their email addresses with an explanation of what you’ll be sending them. Chances are if they’ve showed up to an open house, they’ll be interested in receiving more information from you, as long as they’re assured you won’t be bombarding them with emails every other hour.

Use Social Media: If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, use the followers, fans, and connections you’ve already made to build your mailing list. Ask them to sign up to your mailing list and explain that you’ll be sending out information and offers exclusive to your list.

Use a Free Consultation: People love deals. Offering a free consultation for signing up to your mailing list is a great way to get people interested and comfortable giving their information to you. Giving a little something extra will grow your list and many of those freebies will soon turn into real business and loyal customers.

Josh Millar / The Ibis Network / www.theibisnetwork.com

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